Sculpted Leather Betty Davis Recreation Set

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80s Cropped Hand Painted Sculpted Leather Vest & Matching Vest Set 

A handmade recreation piece based off of a costume Betty Davis wears in her album art for ‘They Say I’m Different’

-had painted super soft leather vest & waist belt  -vest has been cut into flame shapes and sort of fits like a cape -hand painted metallic gold and silver color blocking -red veins and details throughout -the collar has been hand stitched into a large piece that stays in place in wire that has been placed inside the collar -the belt is a stretchy cord with gold metal hardware and a hand stitched leather crotch cover with red veins / flames -matching metallic details -one of a kind repurposed set 

Belt : Size Small / Medium 24-28” Waist 

*painting has been treated with a waterproofer & finisher*