Spiked Leather Hood

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1960s Re-worked Leather Cap / Helmet 

A vintage hand painted black leather cap fully covered in 2” silver metal screws & 20” hand painted spikes 

-screws are fully secured with metal washers and rivets (this allows this screws / spikes to fully stay upright & in place during wear) -very sturdy -spikes are very sharp on the top  -adjustable metal strap -painted black leather cap / hood   -one of a kind sculpture / wearable handmade art piece -the first in this design I’ve been working-on with new hardware to make it more sturdy and ready to wear -please proceed with cation while wearing the sculpture as the spikes are sharp * -painted with matte paint & waterproofed -best worn with wig cap underneath due to the metal washers -one of a kind art piece -adjustable neck strap

Size : Large