The Pigs' Night Out

Posted by Cheyenne Pettiford on

On a blustery winter night, two pigs rolled out of bed from their disco naps, ready to take on the town. Ready -- except they needed to find the perfect look for their glamorous agenda. With parties to crash and bars to hop, they knew they needed to really shine.

After furiously flipping through their extensive vintage collections, they decided to don their classic show stoppers. They put on their best little black dresses and killer boots, and hit the pavement.

They headed to their favorite spot -- a dive bar with great karaoke and even better drinks.  As usual, they were crowned the queens of the scene, and moved on to find their next adventure.

After floating through the city, the pigs came across a huge, exclusive holiday bash. They knew they needed to get into this party  but they weren't on the list! They decided to slip into something a bit more formal and try their luck at sneaking inside. They layered on their decadent furs and only the shiniest of sequins and slipped into the party.


Their plan was a success! They were having a blast -- dancing in their killer heels and becoming the life of the party. Just when they thought nothing could dull their shine, they were spotted by security and forced out of the door.

All dressed up and with no signs of slowing down the night, they embarked on their next journey. But first, they needed to refuel. What better way to continue the night than hanging out at wing night?

Photography : Alex Sabo
Wardrobe : 3PV
Styling : Sadie Shoaf
Writing By Cheyenne Pettiford


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