Meet Our Photographer: Katie Krulock

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Katie Krulock
What is your favorite type of film / camera to use at the moment?
My favorite camera has been a Fuji 6x7 for a while. I’m always cycling through 35mms but tend to come back to the Pentax K1000 often. That’s the first camera I ever had. I think I’ve had 3 or 4. Anytime I need some cash I’ll sell one because I know another will pop up eventually. Olympus Stylus are my favorite point and shoots. Portra 800 and Fuji400H are my go-to’s for color. Ilford Delta 400 is my favorite black and white, I’ll normally push it a stop or two and it gives a really special contrast.
Where do you source most of your inspo from ?
If it’s for the store, so much of the outcome is dependent on styling/set design/makeup. That’s why working with Sadie, Mary, and Dave has been so vital for shoots, it’s also more fun when your friends are involved haha, I feel like there’s more wiggle room for creativity and constructive criticism. 3PV has added a couple interns to the mix who are really fun and innovative, Tevin and Sarah. I just shot with Sarah styling recently and it’s always cool to see what someone new pulls together. So It Goes magazine is one of my favorite inspo’s for fashion/photo. Most of my work unrelated to the store is just my day to day life, outside of that it has been a lot of album artwork. I’m constantly looking at photo books and magazines new and old especially with working on book layouts now. Larry Clark has always been a huge inspo to me especially for black and white. His books Teenage Lust and Tulsa really resonated with me growing up and they still do. Todd Hido is another favorite. I saw a show of his several years back at The Transformer Station in Cleveland, OH and it really blew me away. I actually just traded a friend a Pentax K1000 for his Excerpts From Silver Meadows book. Mike Brodie’s book A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity is something I look at often along with Abigail Heyman’s Growing Up Female. A friend recently showed me Hipgnonis’ collection of album artwork and I had no idea they did half of the albums I’ve listened to since I was a kid. I’ve been sifting through all of their work obsessively and it keeps making me want to work more out of the box with mixed media/design rather than just strictly photo.
How has vintage clothing helped to inspire your personal style / photography ?
Vintage has really helped broaden my relatively bland closet over the years. I enjoy basics and layering, but it’s been fun to experiment with boxy looks, I love everything from the 80s. As for shooting, I feel like styling adds so much depth and authenticity to photos. One of my favorites being the set with Mary and Jackson for 3PV that Sadie styled, along with the b&w checkered set built for the lizard dress.

Favorite place to eat in the city?
This is tough, there’s a few. Thai Gourmet in Bloomfield along with Baby Love Taco’s across the street, Ki Ramen in Lawrenceville, Apteka. Peppers N’At in Braddock just started carrying beyond meat meatballs and they have stumptown cold brew on tap, the employees get confused when you ask for it to go because they always think it’s beer haha.

Favorite coffee spot?
Kaibur in Polish Hill. Favorite place to go when I’m too lazy to make plans but want to run into friends. Same with Liliput.

Your favorite zines / photo books currently :

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