Meet Our Styling Interns : Tevin Consiglio

Posted by Cheyenne Pettiford on

Tevin Consiglio
Where do you source most of your inspo from ?
Most of my inspiration comes from instagram, Drag and club fashion, or fashion magazines including Indie, OE, and of course Vogue.  
How has vintage clothing helped to inspire your personal style / styling in general?
Vintage clothing has helped open my eyes to where fashion has been, where it is now, and it helps give some insight on where fashion is heading in the future. There’s always a reference to a past era in everything I do.
Do you have a favorite era that you enjoy pulling fashion from?
I mostly enjoy pulling from 90’s or 70’s. Pieces from these era’s have very distinct silhouettes, patterns, and accessories that i love.
Favorite place to eat in the city?
My favorite place to eat in the city has to be Thai Me Up. Some of the best Thai food i’ve ever tried.
   Favorite coffee spot?
Coffee Tree Roasters in Shadyside!
Your Top three shopping spots in the city:
My top three shopping spots are Clothes Minded, Royal Vintage, and Goodwill in East Liberty
Some 3PV Styling Tevin Did This Month:




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