Meet Our Styling Interns : Sarah Ssemakula

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Sarah Ssemakula

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I recently decided to focus on my love for fashion and started my internship with Three Pigs as a stylist. I help Sadie with styling photo shoots which has been the best way for me to exercise my love for styling. My goal is to eventually move to New York City and be a stylist for a magazine!

Where do you source most of your inspo from ?


My fashion inspiration definitely comes from my mom and Rihanna. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are my mom’s - she always had unique blouses! My mom always raised me to not care about what people thought of me and allowed me to express myself through fashion. She taught me not to be afraid of color or patterns which I’m very grateful for. While I was growing up, I actually didn’t own anything that was black but that has changed, although for the most part you’ll only see me wearing colors. I enjoy dressing loudly because I believe that fashion is the best way to express yourself so your style should be fun and bring out your personality!

Rihanna is currently one of my fashion icons. I was a huge fan of her music growing up, but I also recognized that her fashion sense was incredible. She was always willing to take risks with her outfits which I respect so much because that’s what I like to do as well! Watching her launch FentyxPuma, SavagexFenty, and Fenty beauty collections made me want to pursue fashion more. She’s made me become even more comfortable with my body, skin color, and style!

How has vintage clothing helped to inspire your personal style / styling in general?

Working with vintage clothing has helped my style evolve. I’m a buyer at Buffalo Exchange so customers will sell their vintage and retro clothing to our store which has been really fun for me to sort through and learn about the different eras of fashion! It has helped me realize that I have a strong love for 80s fashion for sure. My current style would definitely be described as 80s with a modern twist.

Do you have a favorite era that you enjoy pulling fashion from?

My favorite era for fashion would be the 80s because I believe that was a time when people weren’t afraid to take risks! I love the style of blouses with shoulder pads and the colors and patterns during the 80s were really fun!

Favorite place to eat in the city?

Bakersfield, it’s a taco restaurant in the Cultural District! I always get a pineapple jalapeño margarita, chips and guacamole, shrimp tacos or the milanesa.

Favorite coffee spot?

Big Dog Coffee Shop in South Side is definitely my favorite coffee shop in Pittsburgh. I love the atmosphere because it’s extremely colorful and covered with art from a local artist, Baron Batch.

Your Top three shopping spots in the city:

I’m a thrifter so my favorite spots to shop in Pittsburgh are Buffalo Exchange, Highway Robbery, Salvation Army, and of course Three Pigs Vintage!

Essentials for your wardrobe?

 Dr. Martens, a swatch, and my primary colored leather jacket that I thrifted from Avalon Exchange

Styling Work This June For 3PV :

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