Local Artist Spotlight: Dave Watt

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After a morning of meditation, mindfulness and coffee, a beautiful collision of color, lines and photo collaging align to form unique works of art. A mash of upbeat music rings through his home to keep him moving and vibing. When working towards nightfall, the ambiance transitions into soft trance tracks to keep him on track. This is a typical day for Pittsburgh artist Dave Watt, whose works ranges from collages and prints, to even a large canvas backdrop for the shop.

Art was an important part of Dave’s upbringing. With a mother who is an artist that attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the ‘70s, he and his siblings were introduced to creative expressions very early on in life. His creations began as illustrations of scenes from children’s audio books, and his hunger for creation was born. Dave's recent pieces incorporate dark hues with his staple use of pastels. When starting a new piece, he trusts his instincts by quickly laying down a few marks on his canvas as the foundation, to overcome the overwhelming abyss of a blank canvas.

He cranks out his pieces at lightning speed, based on two of his biggest motivations – survival and his passion for creating. Dave develops a close-knit relationships with his creations – for him, art is not a means to an end, but a love for the process itself. No matter how he is feeling, Dave derives inspiration from many aspects of his surroundings -- from daily interactions to film and nature. His extensive collection of vintage magazine photos serve as an immediate inspiration boost when he needs ideas for content with synergy. To stay on track and refreshed, Dave tends to take small breaks to switch gears and realign on the next steps in his process.


Dave has a rotation of a handful of artists who he cites as inspiration for his pieces. While they each have their own individual flare, each inspire him to push forward and create work that is all his own.

If you’d like to see Dave’s gorgeous work in person, he is channeling much of his energy towards a group art show at Canopy Collective in early November this year. It will be his first showing outside of Pittsburgh, so stay tuned to witness what magical creations he has in store. Dave and The Pigs are also working on a collaboration, so be on the lookout for exclusive merchandise hitting the shop soon!

Artist Fun Facts!

In the city, Dave loves to spend time near the river. He finds comfort in being near the water.

In the past, Dave loved to snack on cookies and sweets, but due to recently implemented dietary restrictions, he has turned to fruits and veggies to fulfill his snacky needs.

If Dave could magically transform into a superhero and could choose his power, he is stuck between an ethical decision between shape-shifting and teleportation (but why choose?!)

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Interview by Cheyenne Pettiford 

Photos by Katie Krulock

Model - Sadie Shoaf

Styling by Three Pigs Vintage




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