First Encounter: Wayne and Vicki

Posted by Sadie Shoaf on

Wayne always drifting. Seeking out the next best thing. Moved to this town to start over again. Working as a heavy equipment operator at the mill now. He can lift almost anything, except Sherilyn’s murky heart. 


Vicki opened new doors for Wayne. She’s the talk of the town. Yet remains very elusive. People say she’s possessed. Hypnotic. Not of this planet. Just touching down. 


Outside of my window I see you looking off. Being weighed down. Your hair is long now. She licks your flesh. I get goosebumps. But it’s like your not even there. Just a shell of a man.


Photos: Katie Krulock 

Models: Sarah Ackerman / Matt Wallenstein 

Writing: Sadie Shoaf


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