Bonnie & Clyde

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Lethal Lonely Hearts On The Run. The risk is lower and the getaway is easier if we were remained apart, but we are going to go down no matter what. Public opinion has turned against us. Wanted dead or alive.


“Some day they’ll go down together; And they’ll bury them side by side, To a few it’ll be grief— To the law a relief— But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.” In April 1932, Bonnie Parker wrote ten poems that she grouped as ‘Poetry from Life’s Other Side.’ Bonnie continued to write her poems as the Barrow gang moved towards its inevitable end.


Bonnie and Clyde did go down together, her head at rest on his shoulder in their death car, but they were buried separately. Bonnie’s epitaph reads “As the flowers are all made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew, so this old world is made brighter by the lives of folks like you.” Clyde’s reads, simply and accurately enough, “Gone but not forgotten.”


Photos: Katie Krulock 

Models: Sadie Shoaf and Ross Bell 

Writing: Sadie Shoaf 

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